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Importance of Industrial Boilers in the Food Processing Industry

Food processing has become one of the most rapidly expanding industries worldwide. It is the link between sourcing food from farmers or similar origins and the consumer. Boilers in food processing are a vital component of this industry. The food on your plate or supermarket shelves may not be consumable without boilers. So why are industrial boilers so important in food processing, and how do they make such a difference? 

The Application of Industrial Boilers in the Food Processing Industr

Steam Generation 

Steam generation is arguably the most effective aspect of how industrial boilers are applied within the food processing industry. This steam is used in many steps of the overall process and ensures a safe end product for consumers worldwide to enjoy. 

Multiple Types of Biomass Fuel 

Industrial boilers also rely on multiple types of biomass fuel to get the desired results. Compared to other fuel sources, such as fossil fuels, the biomass fuel used by the industrial boilers we develop and supply offer an array of exciting and sustainable benefits for plants and facilities. 

How Industrial Boilers Benefit Food Processing

Food Safety 

Food safety is an essential step in food processing, and food processing boilers generate steam used to sanitize, cook, process, and package the food you find at the supermarket. The steam’s high temperatures are effective in killing bacteria but also helping to seal packages and make the food edible. 

Consumers expect their food is safe to eat by being free of bacteria when they remove it from the packaging. Although cooking at home or a restaurant will also make food safe to eat, ready-to-eat meals must be prepared before unpacking, so there is no risk of common foodborne illnesses such as salmonella or norovirus. 

Drying and Cooking 

Besides sanitizing food products, steam generated by industrial boilers also benefits other aspects. For example, heat is used to dry wet foods and cook them through, making them ready to eat and convenient. This process also ensures they are easier to consume, avoiding chewiness that can make the food difficult to digest, which may increase the risk of choking. 

Sterilizing Equipment

It is not just the food that industrial boilers benefit, however. Industrial boilers sterilize equipment to prevent cross-contamination, as uncooked food will pass through the machinery. Any equipment or vessels that interact with uncooked food (especially the likes of chicken) must be thoroughly sterilized to ensure the food processing cycle is safe. 

Packing Preserves

Steam is primarily used when packing canned preserves which have been exposed to the highest pressure steam. This guarantees both the can and its contents (such as soup, beans, or other canned goods) are free from bacteria that could lead to illnesses if consumed. 

Why Choose Industrial Boilers America

At Industrial Boilers America, we pride ourselves on offering exceptional service and a wide range of spectacular products to serve the food processing industry. We always want to deliver the most dependable results through manufacturing and supplying our industrial boilers. Here are three reasons to choose us

Efficient Solutions 

Our commitment to alternative energy solutions should also stand out. In a world where too many companies still rely on environmentally damaging fuel sources, our preference for using renewable biomass sets us apart. With us, you’re not only benefiting the end user but also the planet and – therefore – helping secure a positive future. 

High-Quality Designs 

We will supply you with the finest industrial boiler parts undersigned for longevity. The steel and cage are thicker to ensure durability and safety, giving you the crucial peace of mind you need for your plant. 

Knowledge and Experience 

When it comes to knowledge and experience covering industrial boilers, we have no reservations about boasting that we lead the pack. For over 20 years, we have supplied solutions for multiple industries beyond food processing, demonstrating that we know what is required for any industry demand. 

Find Out More 

Here at Industrial Boilers America, we are always searching for ways to improve food processing. Manufacturing and supplying industrial boilers is one of the most efficient factors in making a substantial and long-term difference to the food processing industry. In addition, our years of experience have made us the go-to authority within our industry, as seen with our locations found worldwide. 

If you would like to hear more about how Industrial Boilers America can enhance your food processing, contact one of our global offices to discover the options available for your plant or facility. 

Industrial Boilers America

At Industrial Boilers America, we lead in providing the development, licensing, and deployment of Industrial Power plants. We partner with other leaders of communities and governments to foster long-term relationships that create sustainable energy, jobs, and social responsibility. Our philosophy that sustainability should be rooted in the betterment of the ecosystem rather than profit allows us to provide services that will enable our partners to reinvest in themselves, resulting in a sustainable community.

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