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Boiler Super Heaters: What You Need to Know

As boiler experts at Industrial Boilers America, we know which boilers you choose can make a significant impact on your business. Sometimes, making the decision is a tough call – but we’re here to walk you through it. Many clients raise questions about making their boilers as efficient as possible at steam generation. We often recommend boiler super heaters for achieving that goal, but it’s important to know how they work to maximize their benefits.

How Boiler Super Heaters Work

A super heater is a coil-type heat exchanger that converts saturated or wet steam created by the boiler into dry or superheated steam. Steam turbines can then use that superheated steam to generate electricity, power steam engines, or as a component in steam reforming and other processes.

Super heaters are a step beyond your average boiler setup. Most boilers create steam to be used at saturation temperature. However, at Industrial Boilers America, superheated steam boilers tap into the power of a super heater to further raise the temperature of the steam produced.

Benefits of Super Heaters

Boiler super heaters are a crucial component in the steam power plant industry. They offer numerous benefits, such as reducing steam consumption and minimizing condensation loss in boiler steam pipes. Additionally, they help prevent erosion in turbine blades while increasing the temperature of saturated steam. Most importantly, super heaters boost the overall efficiency of steam power plants and steam generation efficiency.

However, the use of super heaters is not without its challenges. In the immediate term, they can lower the efficiency of the plant because it requires a higher flue gas exhaust temperature to accommodate the hotter steam. Nevertheless, Industrial Boilers America, with its 20 years of experience, has developed highly efficient solutions to this issue.

To ensure that the efficiency of the plant is not affected, several solutions can be employed. The use of an economizer to heat feed water or a combustion heater in the hot flue gas exhaust path can be highly beneficial. In some cases, both options are utilized to achieve the best results.

Despite the initial adjustments required, the benefits of using super heaters far outweigh the costs. As gains in input temperature to turbines increase, the advantages of super heaters become even more pronounced. Ultimately, the benefits include an increase in the efficiency of steam generation and utilization, leading to a more effective and cost-efficient steam power plant.

Types of Super Heaters

Industrial Boilers America can help you choose the best super heater for your needs. There are several to choose from, depending on your situation:

Convective Super Heater

Convective super heaters are installed after convection bank tubes, adjacent to hot flue gases. They enable super-heated steam to hit temperatures of 50°C.

Radiant Super Heater

Radiant super heaters are installed in the combustion chamber’s radiant zone. In high-pressure boilers, radiant super heaters allow steam to reach 100°C.

Separately Fired Super Heater

Separately fired super heaters are installed outside the main boiler and have their own combustion system. They can be less efficient than other super heaters, so they are usually a less popular option unless they are needed for a specific reason.

How to Choose a Super Heater

Super heaters are a cost-effective solution to enhance efficiency in your facility. Industrial Boilers America can assist you in selecting the right type of super heater that fits your specific requirements. 

With decades of experience, we can guide you through every step of the process, from reverse engineering an ideal plan for you to implementing the chosen solution. We take into account your goals, needs, and the current setup of your facility to create a customized plan that would help you achieve your desired outcome. 

By entrusting us with the hard work, you can focus on your company’s core competencies. A more sustainable and efficient boiler system will enable you to maximize your impact and generate positive results.

Allow Our Industry Experts to Design a Customized Solution for You

At Industrial Boilers America, we understand the importance of having reliable and efficient steam generation in your industrial facility. That’s why we offer a range of premium-grade industrial super heaters designed to meet your needs. Our super heaters are made with the highest quality carbon steel and stainless steel available on the market, ensuring they can withstand the pressure of demanding industrial applications. 

Our experienced engineers can design an industrial super heater that is tailored to your specific application needs, and offer it at a competitive price with timely delivery. We will work with you to determine the best type of super heater that suits your boilers and their capacity, ensuring optimal performance and efficiency in your operation.

Contact us today to learn more about our industrial super heaters and how they can improve the efficiency and productivity of your facility.

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