Industrial Boilers America is a leading soot blower manufacturer. We offer a variety of premium grade industrial soot blowers that meet the needs of your application and are designed to reduce the cost of thermal heat loss and maintenance.

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As a leading soot blower manufacturing company, Industrial Boilers America’s soot blowers are designed and built to handle the demands of industrial operations. Our engineers can design the right industrial soot blower or soot blowing system for your application at a competitive price and delivery. Our industrial soot blower models are used on other auxiliary equipment such as air preheaters or wherever excessive fly ash needs removal. Soot blowers are the ideal solution for cleaning your boiler and ensuring its efficiency and safety. Our industrial soot blowing systems use the highest quality steel on the market to be able to operate in extremely harsh conditions without it buckling under pressure. We work with our customers to find the design that works best for their application with an aim to provide cost savings that helps our customers get a quicker return on their investment.

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What is a Soot Blower?

A soot blower is a piece of industrial auxiliary equipment for removing the soot deposits within an industrial boiler to keep it running smoothly, safely, and efficiently. Soot blowers are an essential piece of equipment that provides many benefits. As you run your boiler, the combustion produces byproducts like soot, which is a form of carbon. Over time, this soot will accumulate on the walls and surfaces of your boiler, creating several problems.

A soot blower works by using either steam or high-pressure air to blow the soot off the surfaces of the boiler. Compressed air and steam are the two primary mediums for removing soot. They come in many different types such as the long retractable soot blower, also known as “lance tube soot blower”, and the wall soot blower.

Steam is a popular route due to its lower cost than the capital requirement for compressors, motors, and control of air systems. Once the soot is removed, it is carried away through the system by flue gas and ends up in a dust collector or expelled through the smokestack.


Types of Soot Blowers

How does a soot blower work? That will depend on the type of soot blower. There are a variety of different types of soot blowers that are utilized in different areas of an industrial boiler, each having its own benefits. Industrial Boilers America works with you to find the best application that works best for your facility.

Wall Soot Blower

A wall soot blower is one of the more simple forms of soot blowers. A wall blower is a small piece of equipment that connects to the exterior of the industrial boiler. A short nozzle can enter the boiler and expel hot steam or compressed air to clean the surrounding area. The nozzle retracts when not in use, making wall blowers ideal for areas that reach higher temperatures.

Long Retractable Soot Blower LRSB

A long retractable soot blower (LRSB) is a device that extends a long “lance” or nozzle into the boiler. For this reason, they are also referred to as "lance tube soot blowers". The LRSB starts at the beginning of the boiler and slowly moves through it, rotating 360 degrees to remove soot from all surfaces. Once the cleaning is complete, the lance withdraws, which is perfect for high-temperature areas. The clear advantage of the long retractable soot blower is that a single device can clean a much larger area than a wall blower.

Air Heater Soot Blower

Air heater soot blowers are designed to clean the air heaters of your boiler. Over time, moisture accumulates at the cold end of your air heater when the flue gas temperature falls below the condensation point. This moisture mixes with soot and other byproducts, creating a fine-grain deposit. Air heater soot blowers are installed on the cold end of your air heater and can consist of retractable blowers or blowers with nozzles installed on swinging arms. The device will move across the face of your air heater, while a swinging arm will move in an arc across the face of the heat transfer surface, cleaning a large area.

Rotary Soot Blower

A rotary soot blower is affixed to the boiler and does not retract like other types of blowers listed above. Instead, the blowing tube/element of the blower remains in the boiler at all times. This tube is often equipped with multiple nozzles and rotates to clean a large portion of the boiler. Because they do not retract, rotary soot blowers cannot be used in the high-temperature areas of your boiler. Rotary soot blowers are ideal for the superheater, the economizer, and the air heater.



Benefits of Soot Blowers

Industrial Boilers America has over 20+ years of experience designing, deploying, and manufacturing soot blowers and industrial equipment for industrial boilers and power plants. We will work with you to tackle your problems and reverse engineer the perfect solution for your application and needs. We want you to be worry-free so you can reinvest your time and capital into your company and your communities so we can all make an impact on global sustainability.



Better Solutions


Industrial Boilers America is here to reduce your overall operating costs and help you reinvest in yourself and the communities you serve. Let our team handle the hard work so you can get back to what matters most.



Better Solutions


Industrial Boilers America is here to reduce your overall operating costs and help you reinvest in yourself and the communities you serve. Let our team handle the hard work so you can get back to what matters most.