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Top 5 Boiler Accessories That Promote a Smooth and Safe Operation

Industrial boilers have come a long way since they were first used in 18th century England. Technology advancements have greatly improved the safety and efficiency of today’s boilers. A safe and efficient boiler starts with effective design and high-quality materials, but design alone can’t guarantee safe operations. That’s where boiler accessories come into the picture. 

Read on to learn about the top five boiler accessories that support smooth and safe operations. 

Boiler Safety Accessories

Modern-day boilers are engineered for optimal performance and include built-in safety devices. These devices ensure boiler integrity and efficiency while protecting the facility the boiler is housed in. However, three common causes of boiler malfunction include failure to cut off when water runs low, improper maintenance, and operator errors. 

Thankfully, there are several safety accessories that support the safe operation of your industrial boilers. Like the boiler itself, these safety devices require regular maintenance and proper care to do their jobs effectively. With that being said, the following are the top five safety accessories found in boilers:

  • Rotary safety valves
  • Butterfly safety valves
  • Fuel feed systems
  • Pelletizer machines
  • Pressure gauges

Partnering with a top-rated boiler manufacturer can also ensure that your boilers meet safety and operational criteria. In addition, boiler manufacturers can offer maintenance suggestions and source premium safety accessories that promote your objectives. 

Rotary Safety Valves

A rotary valve is a type of safety valve that regulates gas or fluids flow through pipes. The valve spins to regulate the flow of materials throughout a device, such as a boiler. They’re commonly used to reduce pressure loss or to maintain a regulated flow rate. They can perform versatile safety functions, depending on the application. Some of these safety and operational functions include:

  • Reduce pressure loss
  • Regulate flow rate
  • Act as airlocks
  • Function as flame barriers

Rotary valves are an essential addition to boilers in the pharmaceutical and chemical processing industries, as well as for food processing and plastic manufacturing. 

Butterfly Safety Valves

Butterfly valves use two plates placed on a hinge to regulate flow in a single direction. They’re often lighter in weight than other types of valves, and their compact design offers many advantages:

  • Requires less structural support
  • Affordable design
  • Low maintenance
  • Efficient low-pressure sealing
  • Easy to open or close

Butterfly valves are an ideal choice for boilers placed in high-pressure water or steam facilities. They’re also commonly used in the gas, chemical, and marine industries to regulate fluid flow rates and maintain ideal pressure levels.

Fuel Feed Systems

The fuel feed system is a critical component of an industrial boiler. They supply the fuel needed to power the boiler, support consistent fuel distribution, and ensure safe and efficient fuel combustion. 

Fuel sources like oil, coal, natural gas, and biomass sources, such as wood, are some of the most common energy sources used in fuel feed systems. The right fuel feed system configurations support the operational efficiency of a boiler and maintain facility safety while a boiler is in use. 

Pelletizer Machines

Pelletizer machines are frequently needed in the plastic manufacturing, chemical processing, and agriculture industries. These machines support material handling purposes by converting certain materials into pellet form. 

A pressure roller rolls over the raw material and pushes it into a die-hole. Once the initial shape is formed, a cutting apparatus cuts the shape into pellets. Pelletizing machines are essential for wood-heating boilers. 

Pressure Gauges

Pressure gauges are a critical safety component for any industrial boiler. They convey key information about the boiler’s operations to maintenance personnel. Pressure gauges are typically located at the front of the boiler for pressure and temperature readings. These readings are used to assess the safety and efficiency of the industrial boiler.

Pressure gauges help engineers and mechanics diagnose issues related to valve leaks, radiator issues, problems with pipes, and more. These accessories can also be used to detect fluid or gas build-up in the system and help facilities take preemptive action to avoid further issues. 

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