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Top Industrial Boiler Auxiliary Equipment: What to Know

An innovative industrial boiler is crucial to ensuring that your plant operates efficiently and can achieve its goals. But, the boiler itself isn’t the only equipment that matters when it comes to energy production. Using top industrial boiler auxiliary equipment like soot blowers, dust collection systems, economizers, and more, will ensure that your boiler works at its most efficient level for a long time.

Types of Boiler Auxiliary Equipment

Soot Blowers

Soot blowers are an essential piece of equipment that keeps your boiler system running efficiently and safely. As you run your boiler, the combustion produces byproducts like soot, a form of carbon. Over time, this soot will accumulate on the walls and surfaces of your boiler, creating several problems.

Problems with Soot

The first problem that arises from soot is the loss of efficiency. Soot is a natural insulator, meaning it does not conduct heat well. If too much soot accumulates in your boiler, heat will not be able to pass through the system, reducing the efficiency of your boiler.

The second problem that soot can cause is soot fires. Because soot is a natural insulator, it can lead to localized hotspots that rise to high temperatures. If a clump of soot ignites, the localized heat can potentially damage parts of your system.

The third problem is that exposure to soot in the air can cause respiratory problems. If your system is not insulated and cleaned, soot can potentially get into the air and cause health problems for employees who work around the boiler.

How Soot Blowers Can Help

Soot blowers are the ideal solution for cleaning your boiler and ensuring its efficiency and safety. A soot blower works by using either steam or high-pressure air to blow the soot off the surfaces of the boiler. Steam is the most common method because of its low cost compared to the capital required for compressors, motors, and control of air systems.

There are multiple types of industrial soot boilers out there, including:

  • Wall blowers
  • Long retractable soot blowers
  • Air heater blowers
  • Rotary soot blowers

Each of these blowers has different requirements for use, and each typically cleans different portions of the boiler.

Dust Collection Systems

A dust collector is the hero of sustainable biomass combustion and reduced emissions. A dust collection system removes dust, soot, and other particulates from the air after combustion, preventing them from escaping into the environment.

Industrial Boilers of America is proud to partner with Baghouse America, a global leader in developing, deploying, and licensing dust collection equipment. Baghouse America manufactures baghouses, cartridge-style dust collectors, multi cyclones, wet scrubbers, and electrostatic precipitators (ESP) to offer you the best solution for your dust collection needs.

Boiler Fans

Boiler fans are a crucial part of your boiler system that moves air into and out of the combustion chamber. Forced draft fans force air into the combustion chamber to mix with the fuel at an ideal ratio to maximize the efficiency, and induced draft fans draw flue gases from the combustion chamber through the rest of the boiler assembly (air preheater, dust collection, etc.)

Rotary Dryers

A rotary dryer is a wonderful tool for maximizing the efficiency of your boiler. A rotary dryer works by rotating your fuel in a large chamber. Small fins known as flights scoop up the material, and once it reaches the top, it drops back toward the bottom through a stream of heated air.

If your biomass has too much moisture, it will burn inefficiently and can cause damage to your boiler system. The use of a rotary dryer will reduce the moisture content of your fuel source, increasing the efficiency and longevity of your boiler system.

Boiler Economizers

A boiler economizer is used to recover thermal energy that would otherwise escape through the stack of your boiler. The more heat returned to your system, the more efficiently your boiler will run, saving you fuel and money.

What Auxiliary Equipment is Best for You?

Deciding which industrial boiler auxiliary equipment is right for your system takes expertise and an intimate understanding of your company’s goals and current baseline. Industrial Boilers of America has 20 years of experience providing white-glove service, deploying the best and most cost-effective solutions for boilers and all of their related equipment.

Reach out today to learn more about auxiliary equipment and how our team can help you choose the best equipment to optimize your industrial boiler.

Industrial Boilers America

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