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What Are Different Types of Air Preheaters?

An Air Preheater heats the air before a secondary process is performed. They are designed to improve thermal efficiency and also,  they support overall operational efficiency. Additionally, there are different types of Air Preheaters that can support your operational efficiencies and improve cost-effectiveness. 

What is an Air Preheater?

The primary function of Air Preheaters is to act as the critical component of heat exchangers. They are installed in boilers to heat the air before a secondary process, like combustion, occurs. Air Preheaters are installed in the exit flue gas duct of the boiler to recover heat from the flue gas exit. 

This design improves efficiency by reducing the amount of useful heat that’s lost in the flue gas. Once flue gases have been recaptured, they are then conveyed to the flue gas stack at a controlled temperature. This design gives you more control over the temperature of the gases exiting the stack or chimney. 

Why Are Air Preheaters Important?

Air Preheaters provide several advantages for power generation facilities and process plants. Some of these benefits include: 

  • They improve combustion.
  • Air Preheaters in steam boilers improve efficiency.
  • They reduce excess air. 
  • Air Preheaters increase the steam-generating abilities of boilers.
  • They promote fuel efficiency in thermal power plants.
  • They promote a clean, sustainable environment by removing excess heat from flue gases.
  • Recycling existing hot air generates greater stability for the steam boiler.
  • Air Preheaters ensure proper combustion of fuels.

What Are the Types of Air Preheaters?

There are two main types of Air Preheaters: Tubular-type Air Preheaters and Regenerative-type Air Preheaters. Here are some of the common features of each kind:

  • Tubular Type: A large amount of straight tubes are located near the flue gas duct outlet. It is open at both ends, and this design allows hot gas to pass through.

    When this occurs, draft fans are used to funnel air through the opposite end. Finally, the Air Preheater filters this hot air to a furnace to support combustion.
  • Regenerative Type: This is the type of Air Preheater used in thermal power plants. They are compact yet highly efficient. These devices store energy using a matrix component, which is exposed to cold and hot fluids.

    Flue gases flow through the matrix and heat this area. The flue gases are cooled. Next, air flows through the matrix, and the matrix is cooled. The heat transfer occurs periodically. These Air Preheaters are used to remove moisture as you’d expect with coal production. This air is then used to support combustion. 

Benefits of Tubular-Type Air Preheaters 

There is a reason Tubular-Type Air Preheaters are the most popular kind. When you use this type of Air Preheater, you can expect improved fuel costs, improved combustion, and minimal waste. 

The open-ended design allows you to better control the flue gases that exit the steam boiler. As a result, Tubular-Type Air Preheaters deliver unparalleled boiler efficiency. 

Disadvantages of Tubular-Type Air Preheaters

This type of Air Preheater requires a greater amount of space than the Regenerative type. Also, the nature of the Tubular-Type’s design may cause the tubing located near the gas current to wear down at a faster rate. 

This disadvantage is why it’s essential to work with a top-rated Air Preheater manufacturer who can source only the best quality materials. 

Benefits of Regenerative-Type Air Preheaters

This design is ideal for steam-producing power plants thanks to its compact design and large heat transfer surface. In addition, the Regenerative Type Air Preheater is easy to maintain compared to its Tubular-Type counterpart. 

Disadvantages of Regenerative-Type Air Preheaters

Corrosive gases and abrasive particles can get trapped in this Air Preheater, which may cause wear and tear. Therefore, special care should be taken when designing a Regenerative Air Preheater to help users better regulate gas and heat flow. 

Industrial Boilers America Can Help

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Industrial Boilers America

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