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Air Preheaters in Steam Boilers | Complete Overview

Whether you are a facility manager, project engineer, or an executive searching for power plant equipment, parts, or energy needs for your company, at Industrial Boilers America, we’ve got your back. We know you want to be able to weigh all your options before making a large purchase. 

At Industrial Boilers American, we understand that purchasing this type of equipment is a big (huge) responsibility. 

We believe this article will help you know more about an industrial Air Preheater before you invest in this important piece of machinery.

The Function of An Air Preheater

The primary purpose of an Air Preheater is to increase thermal efficiency. This occurs through the process of preheating combustion air with heat taken from the hot combustion flue gases. For instance, an Air Preheater in a thermal power plant can promote rapid combustion in a furnace.

In very basic terms, an Air Preheater is a device used to heat air before any other process occurs. Air Preheaters are used for large fuel-burning furnaces that generate steam in thermal power plants.

Benefits of Air Preheaters

In most cases, the fuel sent to a boiler is at room temperature. However, when the fuel temperature is increased, the combustion process becomes more efficient. After all, isn’t that one of your most important priorities?

The advantages of an Air Preheater are numerous:

  • Just like its name sounds, Air Preheaters help preheat the air, which is fed to the boiler or furnace for the combustion of fuels
  • The primary objective of an Air Preheater is to extract the waste heat from the flue gases (exhaust gasses) when they leave the boiler
  • Air Preheaters assist with the proper combustion of poor-quality fuel and promote a clean, sustainable environment by removing excess heat from flue gases
  • Air Preheaters accelerate the efficiency of the furnace by regaining the excess heat in the flue gases that might otherwise be lost without this apparatus to preheat the fuel 

Air Preheaters in Steam Boilers

When your company decides to install a steam boiler system, adding an Air Preheater will help optimize efficiency. In fact, data reveals that the efficiency benefit is roughly one percent for every 40°F increase in the combustion air temperature.

Air Preheaters are classified into two main types: Tubular and Regenerative. 


This most popular type of Air Preheater will improve your fuel costs, assist in controlling flue gases and combustion, and deliver minimal waste and maximum boiler efficiency. However, Tubular air preheaters have a big footprint, occupying a large amount of space.


The compact design of this style of Air Preheater is relatively easy to maintain. However, it is subject to more wear and tear when it is used.

Trust IBA for Your Air Preheaters

An Air Preheater is a general term that describes a device designed to preheat the combustion air used in a fuel-burning furnace to increase the thermal efficiency of the furnace. But at Industrial Boilers America (IBA), we know you are not looking for a general solution to best serve your company.

The range of Air Preheater options varies from manufacturer to manufacturer. The price typically depends upon the size and capacity you’ll need for your boiler. At IBA, we are able to provide Air Preheaters produced from durable materials that last longer than those offered by other suppliers, saving you money at every turn.

Industrial Boilers America has been a trusted source and leading Air Preheater manufacturer with over 20 years of industry experience. Our team will support your manufacturing, licensing, and deployment needs with expert advice and solutions.

Industrial Boilers America Can Help

As your company grows, IBA is able to adapt quickly to your requirements. Our “hands-on approach” means you receive state-of-the-art industry expertise to solve even the most rigorous challenge.

We will help you design, manufacture, and source materials that fit your specific needs. We specialize in manufacturing combustion Air Preheaters used in large boilers found in thermal power stations that produce electric power from fossil fuels, waste, or other forms of biomass.

When you’re looking to purchase an Air Preheater to extract the waste heat from the flue gases leaving the boiler, let Industrial Boilers America guide you. We will evaluate your needs to deliver the most cost-effective solution for your company every time.

We look forward to working with you to develop a personalized strategy for your industrial Air Preheater and all your industrial boiler needs to ensure you are successful. 

Contact us for your customized quote today. 


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